September 22-24, 2010  

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Cagliari, Italy organizes the

International Workshop on

Global Properties of Partial Differential Equations on Manifolds

September 22-24, 2010

The workshop is the framework of the international collaboration programmes with the Universities of São Paulo and Paraná, Brazil, and the activities of a PRIN project of MIUR (Italy), involving research groups from the Universities of Bologna, Cagliari, Ferrara, Padova and Torino. The meetings will take place on the premises of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Cagliari.

The main purpose of the workshop is to expose the recent developments in the study of global properties of PDEs on (non)compact manifolds, vector fields on spheres, the global hypoellipticity, the global solvability, Sobolev type spaces, spaces of uniformly analytic-Gevrey functions and the type of decay on infinity for solutions to differential equations and dynamical systems, global properties for pseudodifferential operators and Fourier integral operators on compact manifolds and on Rn, global well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for evolution equations, convergence issues and Gevrey regularity estimates for singular PDEs and normal form transformations in the presence of degeneracies and/or diophantine phenomena, decay-regularity issues for differential operators on noncompact manifolds.

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Program/Scientific committee

A. Bergamasco (Univ. São Paulo, Brazil), T. Gramchev (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), S. Pilipovic (Univ. Novi Sad, Serbia), G. Porru (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), L. Rodino (Univ. Torino, Italy), M. Ruzhansky (Imperial College London, UK)


Organizing committee

Alexandre Kirilov - chair (Univ. Cagliari and Univ. Paraná, Brazil), Lucio Cadeddu (Univ. Cagliari), Todor Gramchev (Univ. Cagliari)


List of speakers

Ubertino Battisti (Univ. Torino, Italy), Lucio Caddedu (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), Marco Cappiello (Univ. Torino, Italy), Ferruccio Colombini (Univ. Pisa, Italy), Sandro Coriasco (Univ. Torino, Italy), Paulo Dattori da Silva (Univ. São Paulo, Brazil), Roberto DeLeo (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), Gianluca Garello (Univ. Torino, Italy), Claudia Garetto (Imperial College London, UK), Alexandre Kirilov (Univ. Cagliari, Italia and Univ. ParanĂ¡, Brazil), Irina Kmit (Humboldt Univ. Berlin, Germany and Ukrainian Acad. Sciences, Ukraine), Tokio Matsuyama (Univ. Tokai, Japan), Tatsuo Nishitani (Univ. Osaka, Japan), Alessandro Oliaro (Univ. Torino, Italy), Nicola Orru (Univ. Cagliari, Italy), Luigi Rodino (Univ. Torino, Italy), Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College London, UK), Villi Turunen (Aalto Univ., Finland), Jens Wirth (Imperial College London, UK), Ingo Witt (Univ. Göttingen, Germany), Sergio Zani (Univ. São Paulo, Brazil).


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