General Information


Visa and Immigration Procedures

Most foreign exchange students need a student visa if they are staying for more than three months in Brazil. The exchange students must apply for the visa before they come to Brazil, submitting the original acceptance document (letter or declaration signed by the director of the Office for Foreign and International Affairs or by the President of the Graduate Program) to the Brazilian Consulates in their home countries. The student visa is valid for one year, but if any exchange student needs to renew it, it is necessary to go to the Federal Police Department (Departamento de Polícia Federal – DPF) at least 30 days before expiration date.

Arriving in Brazil, all foreigners students must register at DPF within 30 days. If the student does not follow the registration deadline a fine will be charged for each day of delay. At the moment of registration, an Identity Card for Foreigners will be issued.

The necessary documents for registration are:

- Form DPF 154 and copy of the used pages of the passport or identity card. - 2 recent color photos 3x4cm on a white background; - Original visa application form; - Guia de Recolhimento da União (GRU) registration form and GRU foreigner card form;- GRU – Payment slip

The applicant must download and complete both GRU forms from the website using the codes 140082 and 140120. The fee must be paid at any bank before going do the Federal Police Department.

The Office for Foreign and International Affairs is ready to assist you in case of doubt.


To open a local bank account

CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) is a compulsory document for those who are staying in Brazil for more than 12 months (01 year) or for those who wish to open a local bank account.

It is  provided by the Receita Federal – Ministério da Fazenda (Department of the Treasury).

In order to ask for a CPF card the following documents are required:

- A form to be filled in with personal data (available at any post-office in town); - Passport; - Attendance card issued by the International Affairs Office at UFPR.



UFPR offers low cost meals (R$1,80 each) at the University Restaurant (RU). There are three restaurants located in different campi. Besides the University Restaurant, there are other alternatives near the campi and throughout the city of Curitiba including  self-service restaurants in which  the person pays according to the amount of food eaten. They are called “kilo restaurants” and the price per kilo usually ranges from R$ 17,00 to R$ 35,00.



UFPR does not have a residence for foreign students but the Foreign Affairs Office keeps a list of available rooms to rent in different neighborhoods in the city of Curitiba. The office just provides the list of available home stays and is not responsible for any rental agreements. All details should be negotiated directly between the parts.

If a foreign student wishes to have enough time to look for places to rent, it is advisable to stay at a hotel for a couple of days while choosing suitable accommodations. It is also possible to rent furnished apartments and share it with other students, provided that  a three-month rent  is paid in  advance.


Assistance to Foreign Students

UFPR offers a Portuguese for Foreigners course at CELIN (Language Center of UFPR).  The course lasts one semester and you must submit your application online.


All foreign students must have a valid health insurance throughout their stay in Brazil.  If necessary, UFPR offers basic social assistance to foreign students through its Heath Office on Campus (CASA III).


Exchange students are provided with a student card that prove they are regular students at the University. It allows discounts in theatres, UFPR restaurants.



Buses are the most used means of transportation in Curitiba. The bus fare costs R$2,60 from Monday to Saturday and R$1,00 on Sundays. There is good transportation service among the campi and downtown area. Free buses connecting the four campi of UFPR are available. Schedule can be checked at


Currency Exchange

Foreign currency is not accepted locally. To exchange foreign currency - basically American dollar and Euro in travelers' checks or cash, foreign students must go to an authorized bank taking their identity card and passport with them.

Banks are open Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. until 4 p.m.


Climate in Curitiba

Sweaters and raincoats are welcome since Curitiba has a maritime temperate climate or Subtropical highland. Located in Southern Brazil, the somewhat humid city lies in a Subtropic zone. Located in a plateau, the flat terrain with flooded areas contribute to its mild and damp winter, with average temperatures of 13 °C (55 °F) in the coldest month, falling slightly below 0 °C (32 °F) on the coldest days.

During summer, the average temperature is around 21°C (70 °F) but gets above 32 °C (90 °F) on warm days. Heat waves during winter and cold waves during summer are not uncommon, and even within a single day there can be great variation, a typical feature of subtropical climates. Several factors contribute to the climate's variable nature.



  • São Paulo: 400km (6 h bus, 50' Fly)
  • Rio de Janeiro: 800 km (11h bus, 1h Fly )
  • Florianópolis: 300km (4h bus)
  • Buenos Aires ( 1.300 km, 26h bus, 2h fly)
  • Montevideo ( 1.200 km, 24h bus, 1h 50'Fly).

Every Brazilian town has bus station called rodoviaria.

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